By Kyle Freebud

So today is 9/11 and everybody is posting what they want to believe, that we were attacked by terrorist and not realizing that the only terrorists is our own US government. If you watch any video footage of the “attacks” closely, you can see that the building starts imploding before the plane even hits the side of the building. The 3rd plane supposedly “hit” the pentagon, but no plane debris was ever found or retrieved from the wreckage. Based on that conclusion the most believable explanation is that it was set up by the bureaucrats that are in office at the White house. George W. Bush just happened to be in Florida at a elementary school ready to all the children, when someone came in and told him he had no reaction, then kept on reading afterwards. It only makes sense that it was a set up to make an excuse to go to war. In my opinion it was all about oil, and it would not surprise me that the war was created because there has been no war since desert storm in the early 90’s. This is a clear example of how blood thirsty our government is.

If you’re looking for more information I may have forgotten to add or left out, I highly recommend watching this video that is about two hours long.